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Accurate and Defensible Data

Depend on our experts to manage a single or complex program.
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Environmental Fate

Battelle assess your product risks and helps you meet global product registration requirements with accurate, defensible data. We provide a range of services for agrochemical developers and producers, from single studies to complex, whole programs, including dossier preparation and submission. 


An understanding of the environmental fate processes can help every pesticide producer ensure that applications are not only effective, but are also environmentally safe. Battelle’s expertise provides the data you need to make product development decisions.

Battelle can help you find accurate, defensible data for global registration.
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Our multidisciplinary teams combine decades of agrochemical industry experience with world-class technical expertise and analytical capabilities. We operate in GLP-compliant facilities across the U.S. and Europe and can easily source the soils and sediments needed for your studies. 

When you need to know potential risks, and meet regulations, we can:
  • Ensure accuracy of outcomes
  • Assess risks
  • Meet regulatory guidelines
  • Provide detailed insight into product behaviors


Our services include:

Aerobic and anaerobic transformation
Assess aerobic and anaerobic transformation in the soils, sediments and water where your products are used. We offer flow-through and static designs incubated in temperature-controlled rooms in the absence of light.  

Get accurate data for groundwater risk assessment. Choose from standard design studies or higher-tier aged desorption studies for more precise results.

Leeching and aged leeching
Gain insight into the leeching potential of your products with studies that follow the formation and movement of metabolites or show restricted leeching under simulated use conditions.

Soil dissipation

Find out how products degrade and dissipate in soil under typical use conditions. We offer a range of studies, from small-scale radiotracer studies to large-scale programs with non-labeled end use products.

Assess long-term leeching potential with a range of soils under realistic climatic conditions.

Meet international regulatory guidelines with fully compliant hydrolysis testing.

Conduct reliable and defensible risk assessments on a full spectrum of contaminants and media using Hereaus Suntest artificial sunlight sources and a choice of static or flow-through designs. 


Whether your needs are standard or non-standard, Battelle can give you accurate data for confident risk assessment and product registration. We’ll help you reduce risks and meet regulatory requirements.