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Battelle is a global applied science and technology organization that provides innovative and sustainable scientific solutions to the agrochemical industry. Our full-service solutions provide the data and insights you need to make informed decisions. We have nearly 80 years of experience bringing products to market safely and quickly.
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A Visionary Applied Science Organization Focused on Excellence

Our highly experienced team leaders and study directors bring deep experience and understanding to solve the most demanding product safety challenges. We work with a wide variety of different classes of molecules, challenging physical chemical properties of the active ingredient. Battelle’s solutions-based services, extensive expertise, and technological advancements in small molecule and microbial bioformulation help facilitate the sustainable use of crop protection products in the environment.

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Environmental Fate

Assess fate and transport of your radiolabeled molecule under controlled experimental conditions using high resolution mass spectrometry and in-depth metabolic pathway expertise to address risks and meet global regulatory requirements with accurate, defensible data.
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Plant and Animal Metabolism

Our experts conduct plant and animal metabolism, rotational crop, and livestock feeding studies to meet the global regulatory requirements for the registration of your crop protection products.
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Residue Studies

Battelle offers fully GLP compliant analytical phase testing including residue studies in food and bee matrices to meet the maximum residue levels (MRLs) of your crop protection products’ global registration needs.
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Product Chemistry

From storage stability, physico-chemical properties, 5-Batch analysis, to identity confirmation, Battelle provides robust analytical services for your crop protection products that generate valuable information to confirm technical equivalence.
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Crop Protection Solutions

From bioformulation and biotechnology to physical chemistry analyses and regulatory support, Battelle provides a full range of innovative solutions to help agrochemical developers and producers meet regulatory requirements and quickly bring products to new international markets.
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Our dedication to improving the planet is always at the center of our processes and strategies. We remain committed to tactics that support climate resilience and eliminate hunger in developing countries. Battelle also plants the seeds early, educating new generations of science and technology professionals through STEM education and philanthropy. Follow our journey by subscribing to our newsletter.
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Technology Commercialization & Licensing

With over 90 years of research and development experience, Battelle supports all areas of industry with creative and informed thinking focused on encapsulation, crop protection solutions, environmental modelling technologies, and other ready-to-implement intellectual property solutions.


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