Advanced Tools for Assessing Bioremediation

C5. High-Resolution Site Characterization

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Conceptualization of Residual Contamination Using Depth Discrete Monitoring of Dynamic PCE Concentration Changes during and after Remedial Pumping and Pumping TestM.M. Broholm, A.S. Fjordbøge, K. Mosthaf, P.J. Binning, B. Brauns, T. Tsitseli, P.L. Bjerg, and H. Kerrn-JespersenPlatformView
Fuel Fluorescence Logging Using the Optical Imaging Profiler (OIP): A New High Resolution Direct Push Tool for Delineating LNAPLD. Pipp, T.M. Christy, J. Wiley, S. Doxtader, and J. FontanaPlatformView
Impact of High-Resolution Characterization during Baseline Sampling at Contractors Road Heavy Equipment Area, Kennedy Space Center, FloridaA. Chrest, R. Daprato, M. Burcham, and J. JohnsonData 1View
Stratigraphic Flux: Applying Sequence Stratigraphy and High-Resolution Site Characterization to Find Contaminant FluxJ.A. Quinnan, P. Curry, E. Killenbeck, L. Peters, C. Varley, K. Glover, and M. RodriguezData 1View
High-Resolution Site Characterization for Assessment of Accelerated Anaerobic Bioremediation at Site WP21, Dover AFBT. Deane, A. Bloom, H.A. Brown, and R. LyonData 1ViewView
High-Resolution Delineation of Chlorinated Solvent Concentrations, Biogeochemical Processes, and Microbial Communities in Saturated Subsurface EnvironmentsH. Schneider, W.A. Jackson, P.B. Hatzinger, and P. Koster van GroosData 1View
Predicting Long-Term DNAPL Source Zone Response to Bioaugmentation Using Mass-Flux Measurements and Push-Pull Tracer TestsM. Annable, J. Cho, A. Haluska, L. Huang, E. Morrison, A. Ogram, and C. ScheaferData 1View
High-Resolution Site Characterization Investigation at Ott/Story/Cordova Superfund SiteK. Schuldt, R. Mastrolonardo, J. Edwards, and J. FagioloData 1View
Silicon Valley Case Study: Applying Environmental Sequence Stratigraphy and HRSC to Confirm Success of In Situ Bio and Manage Commingled PlumesM. Shultz, R. Cramer, R. Mora, L. Niemeyer, and H. LevinePlatformView
Smart Characterization: An Integrated Approach for Evaluating a Complex 1,4-Dioxane SiteP.J. Curry, J.A. Quinnan, J. Wright, and D. FaveroPosterView
Finding TCE in All the Wrong Places: Using Multiple Lines of Evidence to Characterize Contamination in a Glacial TillK. Grosinske, C.T. Coonfare, D. DeYoung, D. Nair, and N. VoorhiesPosterView
Novel Mapping of LNAPL Preferential Flow Pathways at a Rail Yard Using Sequence Stratigraphy AnalysisS. du Pont and S. PittingerPosterView
Hydrogeology Complications in Urban Environments and the Impact on Remedy SelectionJ.F. Good, J.J. Hayes, and S. AbramsPosterView
GCL Tie and Treating Superfund Site Supplemental Site CharacterizationS. Majors, S. Rosansky, A. Barton, D. Duda, and J. MckernanPosterView

Application of the HPT-GWS for Hydrostratigraphy and Water Quality InvestigationsW. McCall, T.M. Christy, and M.K. EvaldPosterViewView
Sedimentological Logging Techniques to Maximize Insight from Borehole Geologic Logs: Making the Most of Your Critical Opportunity to Observe Actual Subsurface ConditionsC. Plank, M. Shultz, J. Meyer, M. Einarson, and R. CramerPosterView
Managing Complex Sites with High-Resolution Characterization and RemediationJ. SankeyPosterView
How Advanced Characterization Improved Full-Scale Bioremediation at a Large, Residual DNAPL SiteN.T. Smith, D.D. Nguyen, M.R. Lamar, N.L. Smith, R.A. Wymore, K.S. Sorenson, and S. GarciaPosterView
Return on Investigation through Smart Characterization of Mass FluxN.R. Welty, J.A. Quinnan, and P. CurryPosterView
A Comparison of Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) Relative Responses to Field-Collected Screening Data (Color-Tec) and Laboratory Analytical Data, Pueblo Chemical Depot, Pueblo, ColoradoA. Sagen, S. Wisher, and D. CaputoPosterView