Characterization and Remediation of PFAS

A4. Innovative Treatment Technologies for PFAS



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Electrochemical Oxidation Pilot Reactor Demonstration Project, Coupling Technology for PFAS Destruction. R. Casson, S. Liang, and R. Mora.View
 Electrochemical Treatment of Perfluoroalkyl Acid (PFAA) Precursors and PFAAs in Groundwater Impacted with Aqueous Film Forming Foams. C.E. Schaefer, S. Choyke, P.L. Ferguson, C. Andaya, A. Maizel, T.J. Strathmann, and C.P. Higgins. View View
 An Electro-coagulation and Electro-Oxidation Treatment Train to Degrade Perfluoroalkyl Substances in Groundwater and Liquid Waste. S. Liang, Q. Huang, J. Zhou, and D. Chiang. View View
New Efficient Treatment of 2,3,3,3-Tetrafluoro-2-(Heptafluoropropoxy) Propanoic Acid (GenX) by Electrochemical Degradation on a Boron-Doped Diamond Electrode. M. Abolhassani, S.L. Foster, S. Ivandic, and L.F. Greenlee.ViewView
 Bench-Scale Evaluation of PFAS Removal from Landfill Groundwater by Adsorptive Media Containing Biochar. F.J. Barajas, D. Beck, and M. Shayan.  View  View
Advanced Oxidation/Reduction for PFAS in Co-Contaminated Groundwater. S. Grieco and J. Persons.  View  View
Combined In Situ/Ex Situ Treatment of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS)-Contaminated Groundwater. M. Crimi, T.M. Holsen, S. Mededovic Thagard, D. Siriwardena, J. Guelfo, S. Woodward, N. Hagelin, D. Woodward, and J. Heath.ViewView
PFAS Treatment Method Optimization for a Large Public Water Utility. B. Martin and K. Hay.ViewView
A Study of the Effectiveness of Colloidal Activated Carbon as an In Situ Treatment to Mitigate PFAS Migration in Groundwater at a Michigan Army National Guard Site. P.B. Lyman and R. Moore.ViewView
PFAS FTA Source Zone In Situ Stabilization: Long-Term, Field-Scale Leachability Evaluation. A. Gupta, J. McDonough, D. Liles, A. Baumeister, P. Storch, I. Ross, and E. Houtz.View 
PFAS Source Determination in a Community with Public and Private Water Supply Impacts. S. LaRosa and F. Riccardi.View 
Sorptive Removal of F-53B by Organo-Layered Double Hydroxide: Sorption Performance and Mechanism. D. Ding and X. Song.View