Updated Abstracts

Please consider whether your abstract may need to be updated for purposes of the abstract collection. Carefully review the abstract you submitted and consider whether changes are needed in the title, author list and text to bring it up to date. For example, if the original abstract said “Sampling will begin in August 2022,” the text should be updated to reflect the anticipated status as of the Symposium presentation. Title and author list revisions will be reflected in the citation for your presentation in the Final Program.

Abstracts for all presentations will be compiled and distributed online for use by Symposium registrants in planning which sessions and presentations to attend. In addition, abstracts will be included in the proceedings.


Date TBD

NOTE: Updated abstracts received after this data will be included in the Proceedings only, not the abstract collection distributed before the Conference.

The abstract should provide a succinct, up-to-date preview of your planned presentation. Revise the title if necessary to more accurately represent the material. The abstract should outline the types of data that will be presented and mention any unusual circumstances associated with the work. Discuss how results can be used in other applications. Both your abstract and your presentation should focus on technical results, not commercial or promotional aspects.
The format requirements for updated abstracts are the same as for the original abstracts. Abstracts must be in English, cannot exceed one standard-size page (8.5”x11”), and are to be submitted as Microsoft Word® files. See the  example abstract for format specifications.

Updated abstract file names must be constructed as follows:
Session Code_Abstract #_UpdAbs_ Presenter Last Name

For example, the file submitted for abstract number 999, scheduled in Session A1 and presented by someone whose last name is Jones, would have the following file name: A1_#999_UpdAbs_Jones.docx.
Your abstract number was provided in the email you received from the Conference Office notifying you of placement in the program.

As a reminder, the following terms were agreed to by the submitter upon submission of the original abstract and also apply to updated abstracts:

  • By submitting the abstract, you confirmed that the proposed presentation is original and that you obtained any necessary permission (e.g., client approval, copyright) for the content.
  • Battelle will include the abstract in the abstract collection, any online application (released shortly before the Conference), and the proceedings (released after the Conference).